Local Fishing Report

Fishing Report for November 10th 2015

Norwalk, CT


Striped Bass and Bluefish are abundant inshore, feeding on large schools of peanut bunker. Most of the bluefish range between 8 and 12 pounds, mixed with some fish in the upper teen size class. Striped bass being caught, are commonly in the 20"-30" range. Because most of this action is taking place in shallower water, casting artificial lures such as surface poppers, swimming lures, and soft plastics, in the 4" to 6" sizes are most effective.  This can also be the best time to bring out the fly rod and get into a number of fish. Floating lines with topwater flies and intermediate lines, with a variety of streamers and clouser flies in similar sizes, are a great choice to match the bait offerings.


Diamond Jigging can also be very effective this time of year, as bait fish push out and stock up on larger striped bass. Your best bet can be to fish live eels at night, either around the larger tidal rivers or rock structures out in open water. 


Blackfish are all over our rock piles and reefs. Finding fish is not a problem, though it may require some moving around and trying different areas to locate the large blackfish. Shallow boulders have a lot of life, where fish of all sizes are being found. Some of the bigger fish have come out of deeper water as well. Best advice for tog is to not leave any rock, reef, or wreck unchecked, no matter how big or small. Put in your time and keep moving around and you will fill your limit and may even put a trophy tautog in the cooler.


High and Low Tide at South Norwalk - Norwalk River

November 17th: High Tide: 03:04 PM | Low Tide: 09:04 AM
November 18th: High Tide: 04:03 PM | Low Tide: 10:04 AM
November 19th: High Tide: 05:05 PM | Low Tide: 11:07 AM
November 20th: High Tide: 05:41 AM | Low Tide: 12:10 PM
November 21st: High Tide: 06:40 AM | Low Tide: 01:12 PM
November 22nd: High Tide: 07:37 AM | Low Tide: 02:11 PM
November 23rd: High Tide: 08:32 AM | Low Tide: 03:07 PM
November 24th: High Tide: 09:00 AM | Low Tide: 03:29 PM
November 25th: High Tide: 10:16 AM | Low Tide: 04:52 PM
November 26th: High Tide: 11:06 AM| Low Tide: 05:42 PM
November 27th: High Tide: 11:55 AM | Low Tide: 06:31 PM
November 28th: High Tide: 12:44 PM | Low Tide: 06:42 AM
November 29th: High Tide: 01:35 PM | Low Tide: 07:33 AM
November 30th: High Tide: 02:26 PM | Low Tide: 08:25 AM